Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spiderman 5 Movie

Spiderman 5 MovieThe fourth Spiderman movie hasn't started to film but this does not hinder Sony Pictures from already planning Spiderman 5! And actually they even have a sixth Spiderman movie in mind. Sony ask James Vanderbilt to pen the script for those two sequels.

Some may think that Sony is overstretching the franchise's life. But I think there is much material to explore with Spiderman: just think about the diversity and realism of the villains that Spiderman meets during his New York life!

So I really don't think that Sony pushing for Spiderman 5 will ruin the franchise: I see here a chance for the fans and the public to follow further the adventures of Spiderman.

Betting that the Lizard will be the main villain in Spiderman 4, I think the next ideal villain in Spider-Man 5 should be Mysterio. But maybe you have a better pick in mind? Who would you like to pit against Spiderman in the movie Spiderman 5?